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The world's steepest country hurtles down from the snows of Everest and Annapurna to the lowland jungles of the plains. At the Himalayan heights are trekking trails that evolved from traders' routes and pilgrims' tracks - some yet undiscovered and untrammeled. Walk through magnificence, history, ancient culture, and rhododendron forests. Here the wheel is an unnecessary rarity, and a happy people welcome you in timeless villages. Strangers passing through are met as Gods, for that is what ancient faiths dictate.

Walk the wilderness with helpful guides, friendly staff, and tents that are transformed into moving hotels. . The food from our cooks to surprise and delight everyone. In the southern jungle there are incredibly comfortable lodges and elephant-back safaris to view wildlife like the rare Royal Bengal Tiger and the almost extinct one horned Rhino. Between the Himalayas and the jungles are valleys where an ancient, high culture has left behind great works. Seven world Heritage sites selected by UNESCO await your exploration in the Kathmandu valley. Visit Bhaktapur, Patan and Kathmandu - medieval cities where the spirits of a 2,500 year old culture surrounds you as you walk you through poems of architecture in stone, brick, gold, silver, clay, brass, wood.

And everywhere the people. Always there is a smile and a greeting. Perhaps we've met in a previous incarnation? Come visit Nepal and be tempted to stay in the world's most extravagantly colorful, vivid, and enthralling land. Pagoda-roofed temples and palaces. Shrines in silver and gold. Forests of hand-carved windows. Intricate golden gateways to palace squares so beautiful they shame Florence. Celebrations follow one atop another as the incense and color of one festival merge with the next. Trek among the great mountains with a Sherpa guide, camp and crew, and a super cook. Comfort, attention to detail, and first-class service make this unlike any "camping" experience back home! Walk ancient streets that have seen royal elephants and traders from Tibet. An incredible history of romance, intrigue and pomp and splendor await. White water rafting, mountain biking, or a flight to Everest are just some of the other things to tempt you in Nepal. Here are the God King, living Goddesses, reincarnate lamas, faith healers, witch doctors and a colorful panoply that caused Kipling to write "The Wildest Dreams of Kew, Are the facts of Katmandu." The home of Buddhism, and the only Hindu kingdom in the world today.

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